Orlando Méndez's ferry commute across Havana's harbor bridges two worlds. By day, he coordinates tourist groups in Old Havana, letting him make 150 times more money than his parents and peers. Every night he returns to Regla, an industrial and working class neighborhood rarely visited by most tourists. Across the Harbor explores how Cuba's booming tourism industry impacts family relationships.

This story was part of Cuba's New Wave, a project that examined Havana's youth in a country rapidly changing. The project was recognized by CPOY (Gold, Online Multimedia Storytelling) and the Online Journalism Awards (David Teeuwen Student Journalism Award, Large Newsroom).

Veasey Conway and Rob Gourley: directing, video, audio, edit; Kiana Cole: reporting, writing, audio assistance; Peyton Chance: design, interactives, coding, translation; Kelly Creedon: translation, story development